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Rules, Constitution & Bye-Laws

(If any of these rules are found to be invalid, then it would not affect the validity of the remainder of them)


A)  To promote, foster and encourage Dressage on the Isle of Man.

B)  To improve the standard of Riding and Training.

C)  To invite judges and trainers from the UK.

D)  To promote social events and promotions.


There will be 4 types of membership:

A)  ADULT RIDING MEMBERS. Those having attained their 16th birthday on the 1st January of the current year.

B)  JUNIOR RIDING MEMBERS. Those having attained their 16th birthday on the 1st January of the current year (NB. Applications for junior membership must be accompanied by an Adult Family Membership).


D)  FAMILY MEMBERSHIP. One fully paid Member with the remaining Family Members paying a reduced rate.







Committee Meetings

There should be a quorum at every Committee meeting and that must consist of four members of the Committee.

Ex-Officio Members of the Group

A)  Judges selector and Organiser

B)  British Dressage Representative

C)  Press Officer

D)  Veterinary Surgeon

E)  Accountant/Auditor

F)  First Aid Officer

G)  Any other person/persons invited by the Committee to perform a specific task

Annual General Meetings

A)  The Annual General Meeting of the Group shall be held on the last Monday of January and21 clear days’ notice must be given of the time, place and date of this Meeting. Only FullyPaid up Members may vote and this must be in person.

B)  Future notification of the Annual General meeting of the Group will be via the Isle of ManDressage Group’s facebook page and website page, 21 clear days prior to the scheduled dateof the meeting.

C)  Election of Officers. Vacancies should be filled by the process of Members being nominated by a paid up Member (from the previous year) and seconded by a paid up Member (from the previous year), between one week and three weeks prior to the AGM.

D)  Subscriptions should be decided and paid for in order that members are eligible to vote and hold positions as Paid up Members.

E)  The Financial Year of the Group shall extend for 12 calendar months as from January 1st of each year.

F)  The accounts of the Group shall be audited each year.

G)  The Rules of the Group may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at the AGM or

any other Extraordinary Meeting. Any of these must be in the hands of the Secretary at

least 28 days prior to the date of the forthcoming AGM.

H)  The Committee may formulate Bye-Laws for the detailed running of the Group and elect

Sub-Committees for the running of special activities which the Group may authorise.

I)  The Group Committee or any other of its officers shall not be responsible for any accident,

injury or damage to any person or property howsoever caused.

J)  Every eventuality cannot be provided for in these Rules. In any unforeseen or exceptional

circumstances, it is the duty of the relevant officials to make a decision in a sporting spirit and to approach as nearly as possible, the intention of these rules.

  1. All events to run under British Dressage rules – www.britishdressage.co.im
  2. No substitution/nomination entries accepted.
  3. The judge’s decision is final when judging a test.
  4. Horses/ponies must be 4 years on 1st January of that year.
  5. Riders must have attained their 3rd birthday on 1st January of that year.
  6. Any competitor making use of offensive language to any of the judges, officials or members at an event will be asked to leave the premises/field and forfeit all prizes won by them onthat day. This also applies to excessive use of the whip.
  1. Any objections by an owner/rider only, must be made in writing within half an hour of the happening that gave rise to the objection and this then handed to a member of the Committee accompanied by a deposit of £25.00. If such protest is upheld the deposit will be refunded.
  2. Score appeals must be made within one hour of the score sheets being released to the scorer or judge.
  3. A Protest Committee will comprise of the Chairman and two un-associated members of the Committee.
  4. All trophies awarded to members must be returned in the same condition as when they were awarded.
  5. No trophy may be taken off-Island without the prior consent of the Committee.
  6. Veterinary inspections may be made at the request of at least three un-associated membersof the Committee (i.e., to the owners of the animal in question).
  7. Contagious diseases – exhibitors are requested to make sure that their animals are fit andwell and if anyone has reason to believe that an animal is not so, then please report thematter to an official.
  8. Grading of non-BD registered horses will be kept for local purposes. BD registered animalswill receive BD points for BD records.
  9. All competing members are advised to have adequate insurance cover for themselves andtheir animals with regard to possible third party claims being made against them. The Group holds a very valuable policy to cover any liability which may be their responsibility but they do advocate that owners and riders should also hold their own insurance.